VEGAN FITNESS: 15KM Running Adventure

Watch 15KM Running Adventure on youTube

Heres a video from October where I wanted to get some last minute training in for “The Pain Barrier“, a Mud Run I’d signed up to later that month.

I’ve never been much of a fan of simply running. I like to set myself goals, set myself destinations to reach as well as mini objectives for along the way. It’s good to keep the mind stimulated on the longer runs.

Because obstacle courses aren’t just about running I like to squeeze in a few non-running exercises on whatever route i’m on. This gets your body used to doing resistance based movements when you’re already feeling pretty exhausted. I think this is a great way to train and it’s super fun.

When I got back I smashed some Coconut water & 2 bananas and felt healthy AF.

Check out my review of “The Pain Barrier” here.

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