These are my top 5 Obstacle Course Race tips.

1. Cardio
Now I know it’s called an “Obstacle course race”, but how can you expect to complete all the obstacles if you can’t get round the course? Not all of them are timed (Tough mudder), you can run and walk and run and walk, but if you want to get a good time practice your cardio. Get down to a park run or run with friends and you should be fine.

2. Grip & back/bicep strength
Depending on what event you’re running in there will probably be some monkey bars or something that will test your grip strength. I encourage you to get down to a local park and practice traversing the monkey bars there. Get to the gym and work on your lat pull downs, bicep curls and just hang from a horizontal bar to get used to holding your own body weight.

3. Clothing
Don’t wear cotton or any material that will soak up moisture from the mud or water on the course. Wear materials that are light weight and will dry quickly.

4. Footwear
I made the mistake of buying a cheap pair of shoes for my first Tough Mudder which I planned on wearing once and then throwing away. Not only did I struggle to maintain grip throughout the course, but if you do this every time you run a race it can be very expensive. My advice is to invest in some decent trail running shoes that can be cleaned and re-used.

5. Have fun. It’s a great feeling to challenge yourself and to get a good time, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If you find you’re struggling with a certain obstacle don’t beat yourself up about it, just go round and focus on completing as much as you can. Remember, there’s always next time 🙂

So those are my quick 5 tips for running an obstacle course. I hope you enjoyed and if you liked the video give it a thumbs up and let me know what races you’re running this year down below.

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